The average temperature is at about 30 degrees Celsius throughout the year.
Time:    GMT+5hrs
Capital island:    Male'
Total islands:    1,190
Inhabited islands:    200
Resort islands:    105
Population:    Approx. 350,000
Major industries:    Tourism and Fishing
Currency:    Rufiyaa (USD 1 = MRF 15.42)
Electricity:    240 AC
Government Working hours:    8:00 am to 3:00 pm Sunday to Thursday
Bank hours:    9:00am to 03:00 pm Sunday to Thursdays

Things to Do
Diving, Watersports, Spa and wellness, Honeymoon, Relax and unwind.

Transport to islands
Seaplanes are often used as a quicker option by tourist resorts located atolls further from the airport. Catching a seaplane is a rare treat that adds an extra layer to your experience of the.

Travelling by speedboat too, is, on its own a fun adventure. As it roars cleanly over the deep blue water, you feel the salt on your lips, the sun on your face, and the wind tugging your hair into frenzy.

About Maldives
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